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A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ludum Dare 40

Theme: The more you have the worse it is

Explore for as long as you can without being killed! It's dark but luckily you have your friend Wisp to guide you through the dungeon. Hopefully, the light doesn't attract monsters!

Quick Guide:

- wasd / arrow keys to walk
- q / e - lower / raise brightness of wisp
- more light = aggressive enemies
- find the key and find the exit!
- pick up potions to restore health!
- survive as many floors as you can!

Programming by myself and my friend, Michal Porubcin. Our first time taking part in a Game Jam, as well as both our first game release! Built with Unity, and art from:

and my girlfriend.

Sounds generated on

Install instructions

Just unpack zip and run .exe or .app


Download 29 MB
Download 12 MB
Download 14 MB

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